Custom Personalized Guitar Picks (120 Pcs)

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Custom Personalized Guitar Picks Design Your Own Logo or Sign Name Print Celluloid Picks Make Printed Customized Guitar Picks

We make your own design picks for you!

120pcs Full Color Printed Your Design Picks

It is final cost, no any extra Fee!

Just send us your design and requirement with your order!

1. Shapes: Standard 351 26mm*31mm
2. Material: White Color High Quality Celluloid
3. Celluloid Gauges: 1.2mm, 1.5mm

4. What can be printed:
Any picture. Such as Signature, Brand Name, LOGO, TEXT, Photos, etc
You can see some examples of custom guitar picks.
Feel free to take a look, and maybe even get some good ideas for your own picks.





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